A little different and a lot good…

There’s nothing wrong with traditional music and readings- I like Highland Cathedral as much as the next person- but, when a pair of grooms pick music that they love and their very good friend eschews a traditional reading for something perfect for their wedding, well, it near brought the house down!

Claire | Claire the Humanist
Claire | Claire the Humanist

Happy blogiversary to me!

True to form, I missed my blogiversary by a whole 18 minutes.  That’s because I was too busy watching Empire.  That show has THE best cameos.

A year since my first truly memorable/instantly forgettable blog post.  I remember being absolutely chuffed that I had just created a website.  In my head, I was Tron or Weird Science or, at a push, Sneakers.  I was ready to introduce myself to the world, one strangers’ ceremony at a time……

I have celebrated the 365 days with a piece and jam and a glass of milk.  Rock n roll!!

Here’s a pic of me acting like a goon.  Again.


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Ten Years of Legal Humanist Weddings in Scotland- Hurrah!

It’s only ten years since the Humanist Weddings were legally recognised in Scotland.  In the big wide world, that’s hardly any time at all but it’s a great big milestone in the history of the HSS.  To celebrate, we all crashed Karen and Martin‘s ten year anniversary at Edinburgh Zoo.  They didn’t seem to mind too much, the food was lovely and no animals were harmed in the celebrating of this awesomeness.

Find the tallest person in the world in this picture and I’m just in front of him.  I wore day-glo shoes and decided I was the designated safety marshall.  Damn you champagne giddiness!