Love, marriage, is brilliant and beautiful and brings meaning to life itself but sometimes, you just need to know how much the feckin’ thing costs

Claire the Humanist, 2019

Can you legally marry us?

Are you both human? Do you fit the criteria listed here? Do you want a Humanist wedding ceremony? Are you sure? Then aye.

NB: Note for readers from Englandshire- your wedding will be legally binding when you go home, regardless of what your aunt says.

How much do you cost?

This blog post covers it all. Have a read and yell if you’ve any questions.

How do I know if you’re available?

I have a booking calendar on my profile page on the Humanist Society Scotland website. It’s a good place to start. If your chosen date looks unavailable and your wedding is not at a standard time, get in touch.

How far in advance do you take bookings?

Two years to the day unless it’s in the school summer holidays, in which case eighteen months. Honestly, you try planning every weekend in your life two years in advance. It’s bonkers.

Who are you authorised by?

Humanist Society Scotland. We have prescribed status which basically means the Scottish Government has written us into law as being the only Humanist and non-religious organisation who can authorise our own celebrants *hi-fives permanently authorised self*

What if you fall ill/are hit by a bus/kidnapped?

When you join the Humanist Society Scotland, you are covered by the HSS Promise in case of emergencies. Read more about it here.

How far do you travel?

I’ll go anywhere but I am usually found lurking within 2 hours of the Central Belt. I like an adventure though, so sell it to me. Make me do it. We’re still talking about weddings, right?

How do we book you?

Here’s the process:

  • You enquire.
  • I answer.
  • We meet.
  • You decide and let me know

If you’re going ahead, it’s very straightforward; join Humanist Society Scotland with a two year wedding couple membership (£85) and that secures your date. I don’t require an additional deposit.

What if I need to cancel our booking?

Let me know as soon as you’re sure. I’ll talk you through what to do next.

What if we’ve met you and don’t want to book you?

Then you are clearly mad. Or very sensible. Part of the reason I insist on meeting before you confirm your booking is to make sure you are as engaged with my process as I am. If you haven’t felt a connection, I’m not the right celebrant for you. No hard feelings.