“Humanism is a democratic and ethical life stance that affirms that human beings have the right and responsibility to give meaning and shape to their own lives. Humanism stands for the building of a more humane society through an ethics based on human and other natural values in a spirit of reason and free inquiry through human capabilities. Humanism is not theistic, and it does not accept supernatural views of reality”

The International Humanist and Ethical Union Minimum Statement on Humanism

I have always believed that treating others with dignity and respect is one of the most important things I can do. Whilst I am lucky enough to have the freedom to determine my own path in life, my actions, and the impact they have on others should always be considered and considerate and there is always a need to ensure others are treated equally, both worldwide and domestically.

Humankind has demonstrated a truly remarkable capacity for reason, creativity and compassion. To believe in theistic religion is to deny our best qualities and to subvert ourselves to a relic of history and ignorance.

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