When I tell people I conduct funerals it can elicit several reactions but when I tell them I conduct Humanist funerals, the response is always overwhelmingly positive.

I was a funeral director for just over a decade and I saw how important it was to families that the funeral they arranged was meaningful, professionally conducted and truly reflected the life of their loved one. When a funeral went well, it made all the difference to a family; it might not make their loss any more bearable, but the knowledge that they had done the very best they could and given their loved one the send-off they deserved, was a huge relief and of great comfort to them.

A ‘good’ funeral, one that celebrates the individual personality of the deceased, might be full of familiar stories, music, tributes and laughter. Or it might be private, quiet and reflective. I work with you, and the funeral director, to make sure that we get it right.

I really enjoy finding out about someone’s life; in a couple of hours, I can learn more about a person than I would maybe know in years of friendship. My job as a Celebrant is to share all that amazing information and capture a real sense of what they were like as a child, a young person, as a parent and a grandparent. It’s a fantastic job, one that I absolutely love.

If you have no experience of Humanist funerals and would like to know more about them or you are pre-arranging a funeral (sounds grim, doesn’t it?!) and would like some advice, please don’t hesitate to contact me.